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    très beau tatouage je suis tatoueur

  • awesome :D have you ever played the game scarlet blade vendetta be for ? if not i really recommend it to you there's a lot of friendly players and it's free to play lol.. who does not love games that are free and there's so much you do in the game there's pvp and pve and some dungeons awesome bosses to kill there's even a club where you can just chil with your friends level your pet it's just so much of fun the game's download is only about 2 point something gib to download

  • if you want you could try this game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXW7GoEaPao&t=38s

  • hi there so you like playing online games ?

    • Yeah i like playing online games ^^

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    Jolie dessins tu as du talent , si tu veut des technique et astuces je suis disponible l'amie :)

    • Merci ça fait plaisir :) J'suis pas contre des techniques et astuces, il est vrai que j'ai appris seule et n'ai pas pratiqué pendant des années... merci de proposer, c'est gentil :)